KANDY- The board of management of a mosque in Kandy has offered its Madrasa, Islamic teaching school, for the use of quarantine patients, who are suspeted in the hill capital.

The trustee of the Kandy Katukelle Jumma Masjid along with the members of the Furqaniya Madrasa Management Board  handed over the relevant  letter offering  the Madrasa premises .which if required, can accommodate over 100 patients as a quarantine center.

On the same day, the management of the Kandy Grand Mosque donated set of medical equipment which  included  100 Hazard Suits, 2500 Face Masks and two Pulse Oxy Meter Units to the Kandy National Hospital.


The Chief Trustee of the two mosques, Afzal Marikar told Colombo Times that the donation of the medical equipment and accessories were donated on Wednesday by the members of the board of trustees of the two mosques to the Deputy Director of the Kandy National Hospital, Dr Iresha Hasan who had intimated the urgent requirements of the hospital in the light of the Covid-19 crisis.

Marikar explained that this is a national crisis and the congregation of the two mosques unanimously agreed to make these donations to the national hospital which attends to all Lankan citizens irrespective of faiths,

He also said that the Madrasa in Katukelle strategically located in Kandy which can be well used as a quarantine center.

The Kandy Muslim Traders Association handed  the medical equipment to the hospital director .

Welcoming the magnanimous gesture, Director of the National Hospital Kandy said the medical equipment  and other sets of uniforms are mostly needed at this time when suspected Covid-19 patients visit the clinics for medical check-ups.

Source : Colombo Times News